Michael Peacock created TapCraft out of a class project in The Business of Craft Beer Professional Certificate program at San Diego State University. Specifically, Brewery Start Up II. Peacock has been a student of the program since the beginning. He has earned both level 1 and level 2 certificates. He is also an instructor in the program. He teaches Draught Systems and is developing a curriculum for Draught Systems II.


Who is Peacock? - Michael Peacock has worked in the Foodservice Industry since 1979. "I've been bussing tables for 38 years." In 1989, he worked for Coca-Cola USA as a filed service technician in the Fountain Services Division. He also moved to San Diego. Coca-Cola provided a great training ground to learn the science and logistics of carbonated beverages. He was involved in several R&D projects. These projects led to the development of several products currently leading the industry. After 5 years in Operations, an opportunity came up to move into Sales. The rest as they say, is history. The time spent in sales developed a clear understanding of the business side of the industry. After Coca-Cola, Peacock's beverage career diversified. Main Squeeze Juices, US Foodservice, The Gander Company, Jack's Cocktail and Tavern Supply, NuCO2, Glacier Design Systems, Caribbean Coffee Co, Synek, Liberty Systems have provided a unique skill set that flows through TapCraft. 


Danny Ramirez

Local kid living between home in Chula Vista, Ca. & Grandmas house over the first part of my life living in Playas de Tijuana. But never going to far away from home. Until an unexpected job changed the direction of my life.

I started in the beer business by being a helper for delivery drivers for a local beer distributor.  After learning how to drive a truck and getting a CLASS A license,  I learned how to navigate the city and learn about the number of breweries and bars all over the city.

After a few more jobs and learning every  thing else but brewing about the beer business. Partnering with Jason  (the beer surgeon) and Peacock (the beer guru) we can offer some of the best quality service and draught systems. 


Jason Summers


Reed Birklund

Reed Birklund has been working in the food and beverage industry in San Diego since 2009 when he moved here from San Francisco. “I had been part of a craft beer club in the bay area, and when I saw the beer scene in San Diego I wanted to be part of it. I took my first industry job as a draft technician where I spent several years learning the trade. In that time I was contracted by West Air Gasses to install bulk C02 systems all over Southern California. I decided I wanted to learn everything there was to know about dispensing beverages and the science behind it. I was fortunate to work for some of the leading companies in the industry absorbing everything like a sponge.



As time went on I met my mentor, Michael Peacock. I was always impressed by his designs and his reputation in our industry. After years of working with competitors Peacock was able to bring me into the Tapcraft family (my forever home). It has been such a refreshing change of pace to work for a company that treats their employees and customers like family. We have a shared goal of delivering something very special to our customers and I think that reflects in our work. We don’t just slap together beer systems, we consider every aspect of the establishment itself to deliver a system that is unique and special every time to fit our clients needs. We love to share our experiences and knowledge with anyone that will listen. As Peacock always says, “we are all in this thing together” which in my opinion is a special way of thinking in a business standpoint. We’re making the rules and changing the industry standards to make drinking beer better for everyone!